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Members only information such as rehearsal notes, sheet music and practice recordings are temporarily unavailable. We will have them back as soon as we can.


Fall 2014 Registration Process

  1. Please review the information in the 2014 NSCE Members Handbook prior to registering, particularly the sections on volunteering and code of conduct.
  2. Complete the online Registration Form. You will be asked for medical information, so you may wish to have your child’s BC Care Card, medical insurance, vaccination records, etc. available.
  3. Print and sign the Payment and Registration Confirmation Form and submit it with your post-dated cheque(s) to the NSCE Registrar (contact details below) by August 1, 2014.  
  4. Please submit your form and cheque(s) in-person or via mail to:

    Leigh Koenigsfest, NSCE Treasurer
    1151 Chamberlain Drive,
    North Vancouver, BC
    V7K 1P2

    Leigh will have a drop box outside her house for the month of July. Access to Chamberlain Drive is from Mountain Highway.

    NOTE:  Payment includes a non-refundable $25 administration fee.  Anyone wishing to cancel registration must give one month’s notice; refunds for cancellations will be available after that period has lapsed.

  5. In order to assist with data entry for the Children's Activity Tax Credit, the NSCE Treasurer has the following requests when submitting cheques and the Payment and Registration Confirmation Form:
    • All cheques submitted for the 2014/15 season must be dated September 1, 2014, or later.
    • The student's name and the group in which they are registered should be listed on all cheques submitted.
    • On the Payment and Registration Confirmation Form, it is important that the Treasurer knows what group your child was registered in during the 2013/14 season as the tax credit is based on a calendar year.
    • To ensure contact information remains current, please immediately notify the Registrar by email of any changes.
  6. If you have any questions about the registration process please contact the Registrar at lkoenigsfest@shaw.ca or 604 984 4027.


Contact Information

General Inquiries: info@nsce.ca

Music Program Inquiries: music.director@nsce.ca

Donations: donations@nsce.ca

Registration Inquiries: registrar@nsce.ca

Events Inquiries: events@nsce.ca

Mailing Address:

823 East 5th Street, North Vancouver, BC. Canada V7L 1N1
(604) 987-4063