About us

The North Shore Celtic Ensemble is a non-profit and charitable organization consisting of 55+ musicians, a talented team of Artistic Directors, an experienced Board of Directors and a committed long-term volunteer base. Our performances entertain and inspire audiences wherever we go, locally and abroad. We provide our young musicians the opportunity to play and to work with as many people as possible for the benefit of all, reflecting our deep commitment to improving quality of life through music and simple human interaction.
  • What started as Celtic is now a spirited original repertoire that reflects a dynamic mix of musical influences—Celtic, jazz, classical, folk and more—creating an exciting genre-spanning experience for the players and the audience.
  • Through innovative music programs, community events and artistic collaborations, the NSCE inspires kids to explore who they are as musicians, to push themselves artistically and to come into their own as socially conscious members of society.
  • Events such as our Community Concert Series give young musicians an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to vital community initiatives and services, to share their music and to engage with others.
  • An important part of this commitment involves building connections within the arts community. The NSCE continues to seek out and facilitate collaborations with a wide range of artists and arts organizations. A highlight of the NSCE calendar is the annual Céilí, combining Celtic music and dance to leave your feet aching, your heart thumping and your head spinning.
  • A thank you letter from the West Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival dated August of 1999 refers to a young group of fiddlers as the Waldorf Celtic Ensemble. The Waldorf school was indeed where the Ensemble had its beginning with students mostly from that North Vancouver school. The original idea behind starting a strings group was to keep young people engaged in musical activities through their teens. We registered the North Shore Celtic Ensemble as a non-profit and a charity in 2002 and have since grown into a four-ensemble organization.
About NSCE
  • “… this music that reaches out to each and every tired body in a concert hall is miraculous in its ability to strip away all modern day distractions and give the gift of spiritual renewal. From toddler to wizened fiddler, the children of the North Shore Celtic Ensemble entrance them, lead them and me into motion, physically vibrating with each rollicking and melancholy tune, and send us out into the evening air with a shared confidence that life is good ... from humble beginnings to gala events…the North Shore Celtic Ensemble ... can give much more than it takes.”
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    - Caroline Canfield Cole,
    Professional Violinist