We Are Seeking Performance Opportunities

Are you planning an event? Both the Senior Ensemble and the Junior Ensemble are available during the 2015-16 season.
  • Senior Ensemble

    The North Shore Celtic Ensemble is a dynamic and evolving group of talented young musicians offering winning performances, inspired arrangements and a spirited repertoire for large community events and festivals.

    With a wide range and a ‘sky’s the limit’ approach, this versatile ensemble can provide a festive ambience and high caliber musical interaction for your art opening, benefit gala or Céilí. They have travelled several times to Scotland and to Québec and they present concert tours across BC. Locally the NSCE produces its own Winter Concert Series and collaborates with many successful artists, creating highly successful and moving performances. Check out our video!

    Cost: Please contact the NSCE to discuss the fee structure for a wide variety of performance options inc. smaller groups and accoustic players.

    Requirements: Performing space for up to 25 people. Sound engineer and equipment provided.

  • Junior Ensemble

    Backed by guitar, recorder and spoons, this lively group of young fiddlers travels from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay and beyond! This ensemble particularly enjoys engaging with community and frequently plays for the NSCE Community Concert Series.

    For benefit concerts, conferences or fundraisers, they can often be seen, sharing their music and their youthful exuberance at care centres and at North Shore Hospice awareness-raising events. With very little set-up necessary they can literally walk in, plug in, and begin to play for any community function. Let us know if you would like to be a part of our Community Concert Series this season.

    Requirements: Performing space for 18 people and a standard electrical socket.

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  • “… this music that reaches out to each and every tired body in a concert hall is miraculous in its ability to strip away all modern day distractions and give the gift of spiritual renewal. From toddler to wizened fiddler, the children of the North Shore Celtic Ensemble entrance them, lead them and me into motion, physically vibrating with each rollicking and melancholy tune, and send us out into the evening air with a shared confidence that life is good ... from humble beginnings to gala events…the North Shore Celtic Ensemble ... can give much more than it takes.”
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    - Caroline Canfield Cole,
    Professional Violinist