Community Initiatives

  • Our Community Concert Series gives young musicians an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to vital community initiatives and services, to share their music and to engage with others.
  • An important part of this commitment involves building connections within the arts community. The NSCE continues to seek out and facilitate collaborations with a wide range of artists and arts organizations. A key player in finding these connections and collaborations continues to be the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.
  • Musical collaborations are a wonderful way of making lasting connections.  They can be about “Bending the Lines” alongside Lions Gate Sinfonia, premiering new compositions for “Celtic Spring” concerts with the Laudate Singers, accompanying dance troupes such as the Eire Born Irish Dancers, or producing shows that celebrate  “Ageless Spirit” with the Silver Harbour Centre Choir.  These special projects build communities and bring out the very best in creativity and human interaction.
  • What better pairing than lively music and dancing? A well-established Spring event on the North Shore, the NSCE Céilí will keep you on your toes! The senior ensemble provides the furiously lively music for this fun, multigenerational event. Bring the whole family!
NSCE Events
  • Testimonials
    "In addition to performing at a number of our special events each year, the youth of the Ensemble has also worked with the Silver Harbour Choir to present intergenerational concerts to the community … a musical delight for the audience and an enlightening experience for both the youth and seniors involved, as they shared their love of music across the generations. The young people of the Celtic Ensemble are always inspiring and heartwarming in their musical talent and generosity of spirit."
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    - Annwen Loverin,
    Executive Director
    Silver Harbour Centre
    North Vancouver, BC