Veronica Schwebs

Veronica is in her seventh year playing with the NSCE. She was a member of the China tour last spring and had an incredible time performing and exploring with the group. She was in the Junior Ensemble when they played on “Galala”, a televised French Canadian talent show and when they did the “IGNITE” - Vancouver Youth Music Festival in 2015 and 2016. Veronica is an enthusiastic musician who loves the exciting energy of the group and the interaction between the players, especially while performing.
About Us
  • “… this music that reaches out to each and every tired body in a concert hall is miraculous in its ability to strip away all modern day distractions and give the gift of spiritual renewal. From toddler to wizened fiddler, the children of the North Shore Celtic Ensemble entrance them, lead them and me into motion, physically vibrating with each rollicking and melancholy tune, and send us out into the evening air with a shared confidence that life is good ... from humble beginnings to gala events…the North Shore Celtic Ensemble ... can give much more than it takes.”
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    - Caroline Canfield Cole,
    Professional Violinist