Maya Tomes

Maya started playing violin when she was four years old, joining the NSCE seven years ago. This is her third year in the Senior ensemble. Her favourite experiences include the annual performances on Galiano Island and the life-changing tour to China. She is a talented musician who sings and plays several instruments including the flute, violin, ukulele, guitar and slide whistle. Maya loves everything about the NSCE; the repertoire, the challenges and all the friends she's made.
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    "One of your outstanding qualities is that you are so authentic. How refreshing to see sparkling talent presented by genuine musicians who are lovely just being themselves. I have been to countless live performances in North America and I can assure you that your group ranks with the best. The mood you create, the happiness, the positive energy you generate stayed with me long after you left the stage."
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    - Bill Cosgrave,
    Kelowna, BC