Maya Tomes

Maya started playing violin when she was four years old, joining the NSCE seven years ago. This is her third year in the Senior ensemble. Her favourite experiences include the annual performances on Galiano Island and the life-changing tour to China. She is a talented musician who sings and plays several instruments including the flute, violin, ukulele, guitar and slide whistle. Maya loves everything about the NSCE; the repertoire, the challenges and all the friends she's made.
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    "In addition to performing at a number of our special events each year, the youth of the Ensemble has also worked with the Silver Harbour Choir to present intergenerational concerts to the community … a musical delight for the audience and an enlightening experience for both the youth and seniors involved, as they shared their love of music across the generations. The young people of the Celtic Ensemble are always inspiring and heartwarming in their musical talent and generosity of spirit."
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    - Annwen Loverin,
    Executive Director
    Silver Harbour Centre
    North Vancouver, BC