Join Our FLIP GIVE Fundraising Team

Flipgive is an online fundraising tool that directs funds back to the NSCE everytime you shop at selected retailers. It is free to use and free for the NSCE to register.  From our research, it appears that purchasing Gift Cards through FlipGive, and then using them at retailers, give us the largest pay back.

  1. Create an account on the app or online at

  2. Join the NSCE team using the code 65FZFM

  3. Press "calculate rewards back" by going through a few simple steps where they are collecting shopping information from you such as your frequency of buying groceries etc.  

  4. Go through flipgive when you are online shopping. For example if you're shopping on Amazon, go through the Flipgive website or App to the Amazon link and 2% of your device purchases will then be directed back to the NSCE. 

  5. Buy gift cards online with Flipgive and then use them for your in-store purchases at participating retailers, or as gifts.

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    "One of your outstanding qualities is that you are so authentic. How refreshing to see sparkling talent presented by genuine musicians who are lovely just being themselves. I have been to countless live performances in North America and I can assure you that your group ranks with the best. The mood you create, the happiness, the positive energy you generate stayed with me long after you left the stage."
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    - Bill Cosgrave,
    Kelowna, BC