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2022-23 NSCE Code of Conduct

Please review this form with your child and fill it out together.

NSCE activities, trips and events are guided by the following code of conduct:

  1. We're ready and able to perform to the highest standard of excellence at every performance.
  2. We're committed. We show up on time and we give it all we have at performances, at rehearsals, at fundraising events and planning meetings.
  3. We're considerate and respectful of people and property, including Ensemble directors, members and parents as well as other performers, festival organizers and audiences. The Directors deserve and we give them our undivided attention.
  4. We're a team. We work together and put a priority on the objectives of the group.
  5. We support each other. We re proud to be diverse in our backgrounds, our personalities and our ages. We know that we all have different needs and abilities. We mentor one another and we re inclusive, on stage and off. We watch out for everyone s safety and well-being.
  6. We love what we do, and we have a blast!
  7. Ensemble members will respect the authority and decisions of the chaperones and artistic directors.
  8. The chaperone(s) on duty at any given time will be clearly communicated, as will activities and schedule for the day. Members are responsible for informing themselves of the daily schedule and chaperone on duty.
  9. Ensemble members will proactively seek out and take responsibility for tasks to share the workload. For example: dealing with microphones, cleaning-up after performances, loading and unloading vans/buses, etc.*
  10. The focus of the trip is on the group's musical performances and experiences. Little free time is anticipated. If free time activities occur, they are secondary to the performance, rehearsal, preparation and travel schedule. Members will be available and present at all engagements and rehearsals, unless they are ill. They will also be present at all group meals as this is both a time to eat and to coordinate activities.
  11. If free time is available, members may occasionally, at the discretion of the chaperone(s),be allowed to leave the group site. Agreement will be reached in advance on where they will go, how they will travel and when they will return. A check-in time and method (in person, radio, telephone) will be arranged. The plan must be agreed by the chaperone, as must any changes. Reporting in at the designated check-in time is mandatory. Failure to report in will result in serious consequences.
  12. Where unaccompanied excursions are authorized, members will normally travel in a minimum group of four, with some exceptions down to two. In no cases will members travel alone. Small groups traveling together will stay together and look out for each other. A leader will be designated and will be responsible for he entire group.
  13. Methods of travel must be approved, and will generally be limited to public transport, official event vehicles or Ensemble vehicles. Under no circumstances will members enter a private vehicle without direct permission by a chaperone.
  14. Ensemble members will behave as professional entertainers at all times, on and off the stage. This includes courteous and respectful behaviour during rehearsals, in green rooms and backstage, in hallways, at meal times, as audience members, etc. It includes respecting property, cleaning up litter or mess, remaining quiet backstage and providing undivided attention and assistance to the Directors.
  15. Members are expected to take care of their own spending money. The chaperones will not be held responsible for the loss or misappropriation of spending money.
  16. Senior members are expected to act as role models and mentors for more junior members of the group by assisting, supporting and encouraging younger members and by making them feel at home and comfortable, especially in new or foreign surroundings.
  17. Members are not to engage in any activity which endangers them or any other person throughout the course of the trip. Such activities include, but are not limited to, receiving tattoos, body piercing, the introduction of any foreign substance or agent to the body.
  18. There will be no smoking or vaping.
  19. There will be no purchase or consumption of alcohol by members at any time, regardless of their age. For those under the legal drinking age, it is a criminal offence, and will be treated as such.
  20. Any damage to property is the responsibility of the individuals involved.
  21. Breaches of the ground rules will be taken seriously. Consequences may range from removal of privileges (including in some cases, exclusion from performances), to, for serious breaches, being expelled from the trip and sent home at the parent/guardians expense. Serious breaches include but are not limited to: consumption of alcohol or drugs, any criminal offence, or failure to check-in at designated times. A single breach of these rules will be regarded as serious. Serious breaches will be reviewed by a committee of chaperones and artistic directors.

Multi-day Trips 

On multi-day trips, the following expectations also apply

  1. The group will meet daily to set curfew, establish geographic boundaries and other ground rules, discuss any concerns, celebrate successes, make suggestions, etc. Different rules may be established for members of different ages. Final decisions made at these meetings by artistic directors and/or chaperones will be respected.
  2. Only Ensemble members are allowed in Ensemble rooms, both before and after curfew. Doors will remain open anytime there are people in the room other than those assigned to that room.
  3. Curfew will be established based on Ensemble performance considerations and overall schedule and activities. A balance will be sought between taking advantage of the travel experience and getting enough rest to ensure consistent and professional performances. At curfew, there will be a room check. Ensemble members will remain in their own rooms from that point on and immediately prepare to sleep to ensure they are well rested for the next day. No texting or telephone calls are allowed after curfew.
  4. Some members may choose to go to sleep before curfew. Where accommodation is shared, those staying up later will respect the needs of those who want to sleep early.
  5. In some cases, members may be allowed to leave the group to visit family or friends. In such cases, written, parental permission will be given to a chaperone, in advance.These specified people will need to come to collect the member and identify themselves to a chaperone.
  6. Ensemble members will look after their own belongings, keep rooms clean in accordance with the standard of the festival organizers, clean up after themselves in all festival and public spaces, and keep performance clothes clean and ironed
  7. Anyone requiring prescription medication must have sufficient supply to last for the duration of the trip, as well as a duplicate copy of the prescription. They must be able to self-manage all prescription medication. All medication, including over-the-counter medications must be properly labeled in its original packaging, and given to the chaperones before departure. The chaperones may then return the medication to the student once the destination is reached if deemed appropriate.

Parent Agreement

I have read the NSCE's Code of Conduct and am aware of the behavioural expectations of my child while attending NSCE activities, events and trips. I understand that there will be consequences for non-compliance, which may include, but not be limited to, being sent home with a chaperone escort at my / our expense. (You will mark this complete in your registration process, or can log in again to mark complete.)

Student Agreement

I have read the NSCE's Code of Conduct and am aware of the behavioural expectations of students while attending NSCE activities, events and trips. I understand that there will be consequences for non-compliance which may include, but are not limited to being sent home with a chaperone escort at my own, or parent's / guardian s expense. My signature here indicates that I agree to act at all times in accordance with the behavioural expectations, safety rules and regulations of the North Shore Celtic Ensemble. (You will mark this complete in your registration process, or can log in again to mark complete.)

The North Shore Celtic Ensemble has a dual mandate: To inspire youth to do more and go further with music, and to use music to build and strengthen community connections. We are a non-profit society and registered charity.


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